Consultation with Parents and Carers

Consultation with parents/carers plays a vital role in ensuring that their views are represented and used to inform school improvement, so every year there is a planned cycle of consultation activities. Parent views are gathered in a variety of ways including online questionnaires, paper based forms, interviews and more informal discussions. When social distancing guidelines allow it school has also organised coffee mornings so that parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with each other in an informal setting and to discuss issues that affect them. School staff, governors and stakeholders from the local community may also attend these meetings to identify if there are opportunities to explore and develop any issues raised. An example of this was when parents raised concerns about road safety around the school site. This resulted in a school and community Road Safety Project – see below for details.

Parent Voice

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2021 – Consultation on blended Learning

2020 – Consultation on support during school closures

2019 – Road Safety Project

2018 – Consultation on SEN

2017 – Consultation on ethos and values

2016 – Consultation on school reports

Pupil Voice

Every year school holds a pupil voice day. This is a day pupils are consulted on their ideas and opinions about a given topic. The themes explored are linked to school improvement areas or contextual issues relevant to the whole school community and are also reflected in the consultation activities undertaken with parents and carers.

Click through to see consultation activities linked to the annual cycle of school improvement.

Pupil Voice 2021 – Teaching and Learning during Covid 19 and the recovery curriculum

Pupil Voice 2020 – This was incorporated into remote learning survey in the autumn 2020 as in the spring term there was a national lock down – see above

Pupil Voice 2019 – Improving the surrounding area

In 2019 pupil were also consulted on a whole school road safety project – see above

Pupil Voice 2018 – Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

Pupil Voice 2017 – School Citizenship and Values

Parent View

Ofsted has a “Parent View” survey available on the Ofsted website; you can also find this survey by clicking the link at the bottom of the home page of our own school website. In addition to this, school undertakes its own Parent View style survey in the autumn term and you can see the results of these surveys and some of our other consultations by clicking the links below:

Parent View 2021

Parent View 2020

Parent View 2019

Parent View 2018

Parent View 2017