Music has an important role to play in the creative curriculum and pupils are given the opportunity to learn about music from different styles and eras.  We are proud to have received the Music Mark award for 2019/2020 which recognises the school’s commitment to providing high quality music education for pupils. In line with current health and safety guidance, the school has had to make some changes to the delivery of music and singing. However, we still ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to sing and take part in music lessons weekly. We have invested in a world-leading music teaching and learning platform called “Charanga” which ensures pupils receive and are exposed to high quality and varied music resources. Classes follow structured half termly units learning to listen, appraise, sing, create and perform music.

In addition to the music curriculum provided through lessons, pupils are also given a wide variety of musical opportunities at Cheetwood.

All Y4 pupils learn to play the ukulele and all Y5 pupils learn to play the steel pans. Pupils in Y6 are given the choice of continuing with the steel pans or extending their ukulele skills to guitar playing. Lessons are carried out following current health and safety guidance meaning instruments are cleaned between sessions and regular handwashing takes place. 

Due to ongoing health and safety measures, whole school singing assemblies are suspended at the moment, but singing assemblies take place in classes each week. This approach is under regular review and whole school singing assemblies will resume the moment it is safe to do so. Pupils learn varied genres of songs and skills using Charanga and other singing resources. Each half term the music leader and head teacher visit the classes to listen and watch each class perform. A half termly award is given to the most enthusiastic class performance, which is always a hard decision!

Pre-pandemic, at the end of the autumn term, the school usually comes together to perform a Christmas show including songs and performances from our instrumental and vocal groups in front of a live audience. Unfortunately due to ongoing health and safety reasons, the school is taking a cautious approach and it will not be possible to hold a live performance this year. Therefore there will be a virtual Christmas show where each class will learn and perform a Christmas song that will be filmed and uploaded to the school website for parents and others to view. This approach proved to be very successful last year and everyone enjoyed viewing the festive videos.

We are proud of Cheetwood’s commitment to music. Here are some achievements over the last few years.

As part of the commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, in November 2018 the choir performed the world premiere of “These Days – The Manchester Peace Song Cycle.” The choir then took part in a repeat performance in Manchester Cathedral in November 2019. More information about this performance can be found here.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Y4 class took part in the performance of ‘The Lorax’ which was organised by Manchester Camerata. The class participated in a workshop during which they worked with a composer to write a song which was part of the show. Alongside 17 other local primary schools, they performed their song at the Royal Northern College of Music.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, pupils from Y2 took part in a music workshop led by Tony Livesey from BBC 5live Radio. You can see video footage of the workshop here.

With limited opportunities last year we are hoping that as opportunities start to become available, we can add to these musical achievements and enrichment experiences over the next year.