Parent Support Information

Being a parent can be a wonderful and rewarding experience but there are also times when it can be extremely hard work and you may feel that you and your family need extra support. This may be before your children are born, when they are very young or throughout their school years. If you think you might need some extra help or just need someone to talk to, school can help in the following ways:

Pastoral Support

Often the first person you may speak to if things are not going so well with your family is your child’s class teacher or Mrs Gregory in the office. However there are other members of staff that can offer you support:

Miss Fisher, Head of Pastoral Care

Advice and support on parenting (including strategies for managing behaviour issues), emotional health and well being

Miss Batkin, SENCo

Advice and support on special educational needs.

Mrs Walklett, Early Years Leader

Advice and support on early years’ education and parenting

Early Help

Early Help is a support service that has been introduced into schools to offer advice and practical help on a wide range of issues ranging from housing, finance, health, education, parenting and emotional wellbeing. School already works with a range of professionals from other agencies such as speech and language, health, housing and other community services so Early Help is just a way of bringing this together in an individual plan for your family.

Early Help helps you to recognise what’s going well for you, where you may benefit from extra help and who is the best person to work with you and your family to make this happen. The person you will be working with is often a member of the school staff so it will be someone you already know and have a relationship with. Sometimes families ask for specific specialist help, for example with housing issues, and on these occasions a case worker from the Manchester Early Help Team will be asked to join the team.

Some of our families have already benefited from the support Early Help can offer and we anticipate that we will be working with even more families in future. If you would like to find out more about Early Help please contact your child’s class teacher, Miss Fisher, Miss Reding, Miss Batkin or Mrs Gregory.

Help and support in your local area. is an online directory where you’ll find information about the services and support that are available in your local area .Click on the links below to access the site or go directly to Manchester’s Early Help website.

Early Help parents-carers Leaflet

Manchester’s Local Offer is a directory of children’s services available. Please click the link below for more information: