At Cheetwood, E-Safety is at the centre of our use of ICT. We believe that it is of paramount importance for children to learn how to inhabit the digital world safely and with enjoyment. Through our learning about E-Safety we look at lots of different aspects of using digital technology including: cyberbullying; keeping information private; stranger danger; social media; and password safety.

The protection of children against cyberbullying is embedded in our Anti-Bullying policy – which can be found on our policy page. Please follow the link below to view a presentation for parents about cyberbullying and steps you can take to prevent against this.

Social Media

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram is very popular amongst young people. Most of these sites have an age limit of 13. We recommend that parents/carers do not allow their primary school age children to use social media unless age appropriate.

Online Gaming

The online game – Fornite is extremely popular with young people, for information on how to keep your child safe whilst they play please click the link:

Keeping your child safe on Fortnite Fact Sheet

The following guides have been produced by outside agencies to help parents/carers to understand the different types of social media on the internet.

Keeping Information Private

Some Y5 pupils have produced a video about how to stay safe on the internet especially designed for younger pupils.

E-Safety Y5 Video

For more information about E-safety and how to better protect your child online, click the link below to visit the Child Exploitation and Online Protection website.

The Department for Education has released a document advising schools on how to teach online safety. Click the link below if you would like a copy:

Teaching online safety in school June 2019 non-stat guidance

Please have a look at our monthly E-safety newsletter to stay up to date with keeping safe online:

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