Writing We are committed to improving writing at Cheetwood by providing opportunities for pupils to write for a range of purposes and audiences.  High quality texts across a range of genres are used to inspire pupils to produce their best written work.   Developing speaking and listening skills alongside writing is a priority in order to allow pupils to plan and structure their writing effectively.  All pupils are taught ambitious vocabulary throughout the curriculum and are encouraged to apply this vocabulary in their written work.   Cheetwood Writing Results Due to school closures during the Covid 19 pandemic, statutory testing in primary schools was suspended in 2019-2020, so Cheetwood’s most recent externally validated data is from the academic year 2018-2019. The data summarised below is the school’s own internal data from 2019-2020.   End of Key Stage 1   Meeting Expected Standard
  School 2019 Manchester 2019 diff to MCR National 2019 diff to National School 2018
Writing 79% 66% +13 69% +10 67%
  Exceeding Expected Standard
  School 2019 Manchester 2019 diff to MCR National 2019 diff to National School 2018
Writing 10% 12% -2% 15% -5 7.1%
  End of Key Stage 2  
Subject Cheetwood MCR National Diff to Nat CW Greater Depth MCR Greater Depth National Greater Depth CW Av Scaled Score MCR Scaled Score   National Scaled Score
GPS 83% 77% 78% +5% 41% 37% 38% 108 106 106
TA Write 79% 73% 78% +1% 17% 16% 20%      
  Regular writing activities throughout the year enabled us to focus on improving writing.  As well as daily literacy lessons, the pupils participate in weekly SPAG lessons, vocabulary focus sessions and also have opportunities to write in other areas of the curriculum.   Pupils in years 1-6 will receive weekly writing homework such as a creative writing piece, spelling practice or grammar task.  If you have any questions about homework, please speak to your child’s teacher.   Below are resources that you can use with your child at home: Common Exception Words – Year 1 & 2 T-L-5089-Common-Exception-Words-Years-1-and-2-Word-Mat_ver_9 Common Exception Words – Year 3 & 4  t2-e-4298-year-3-and-4-common-exception-words-word-mat-_ver_3 Common Exception Words – Year 5 & 6  t2-e-5004-common-exception-words-years-5-and-6-alphabet-word-mat_ver_2 100 High Frequency Words  hfw100fp 200 High Frequency Words  hfw200fp SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 1  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-1-PDF SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 2  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-2-PDF SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 3  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-3-PDF SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 4  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-4-PDF SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 5  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-5-PDF SPAG Knowledge Organiser – Year 6  SPAG-Knowledge-Organisers-Year-6-PDF