Science Curriculum Update

The school’s science curriculum is designed to contribute to the development of enquiring minds which have the ability to question, test, evaluate and apply knowledge and understanding of the world around them. All science topics begin with exploration and question raising sessions. These questions are then answered by using a range of enquiry skills. We aim to develop scientific vocabulary so that pupils can articulate scientific concepts clearly through research and first-hand, practical experiences.

From September 2020, all KS1 and KS2 classes are now following the PlanBee scheme of work for science that ensures a full coverage of the national curriculum and will enable pupils to catch up on knowledge and key skills that they may have missed during the period of school closure. Science is taught weekly within each class and lessons will have a focus on scientific vocabulary within the unit of study. Teachers are using ‘Google Classroom’ more widely as a platform for pupils to access their weekly homework and remote learning in the event of having to access teaching from home for more extended periods of time.